One of my most favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles asks,
why be angry at a world that “merely awaits your blessing to be free?”
(Quantum God, Chapter Nine, “Judgment…”)


What with not feeling great, concern over my mom and the cost of gas to visit her plus loss of income during the trip, and the joyful distraction of being with family, I have been forgetting to bless this week.


Oh, there’s no forgetting how blessed I am! I have not, however, remembered my nightly blessings, much less blessing often and indiscriminately.

Whatever we eat and drink, whatever we think or imagine, every emotion we feel—they all have a physical affect within us, and those changes cause chemical, electromagnetic, and para-physical waves to ripple outward, ultimately influencing everything that exists. This is how prayers and blessings work. (Quantum God)

Will you join me in the coming week in blessing—merely wishing others well—now and then, here and there? This beautiful world and all its inhabitants can only benefit by our gift of benevolent energies.

Thank you, dear heart.

love and blessings,


The Keys to Well-Being

I was listening to Abraham talk about healing this week. The points covered were nothing new, but we all—or I do—need reminders for just about any area of living. And these points do apply to any area of life. The material, in fact, was very Quantum God-ish, and included:

■ Well-being is the very nature of the body.
■ Do your best to feel as good as you can emotionally, at every moment.
■ Focusing on what’s wrong makes you, well, focus on what is wrong,  which magnifies the hurt or illness or problem.

Your cells know exactly how to ask and what to do. If you could completely get out of the way and trust, you would become well again, because the cells know what they need and they are asking their direct Source of Life. If you’re not in the way of that, that cell’s going to find its recovery. And if that cell does, the other cells can, and if enough of them do, you’re going to feel really good.

If you can find a way to convey hope and trust and faith…the natural resources will take care of everything else. (Abraham)

I have seen how trust works in the area of finances; I once attended a substitute teachers meeting where we were instructed on how to apply for food stamps during the coming summer. I fretted for a couple of days until Spirit got through with the message, No need to worry—you won’t need food stamps. No more fear and no more problem; trusting Spirit opened the channel for abundance, and I allowed “enough” to come in those non-teaching months.

In any area of life these are the keys, in order: Hope. Faith. Trust. Knowing. Allowing. Accepting.

Another key? Love—which, dear heart, I send to you.

Oh, Look! A Dog Show!

At this time, I’m still recovering from rotisserie chicken I tried to keep too long. Tad is (barely) living with a broken heart. Elaine has not posted her progress on Facebook since her last round of chemotherapy a month ago. This country that was colonized by immigrants is in an uproar about its diversity. And I could go on…

Elements of depression
Sometimes each of us feels lonely, helpless, at a loss.


■ You are not alone, no matter how isolated you may feel.
■ You are not insignificant. Rather, you are supremely unique, and the universe needs you.
■ You don’t have to go through this by yourself. Get out of the house. Call on a friend. Share a hug.
■ You don’t have to suffer, feeling desolate and lifeless and hopeless. Don’t think thoughts that make you feel bad! And know that time will help, and life will get better.

Often Jenny or Cecilia would run inside crying, “Mama Chelle, I have an owwie,” and she’d hold out a finger with a barely discernible pink mark on it. “I need a Band-Aid.”

“Are you dripping blood?” I’d ask, kissing the finger. “You’re okay.” Then I’d engage her in washing green grapes for treat time or watching Sesame Street or Teletubbies. The key was to shift her focus from hurt to fun. (Quantum God, Chapter 20, Change…)

While fun may be too far a stretch, distraction is perfect. Distractions change the direction of our thoughts and the quality of our emotions.

Oh, look!

No matter how bad we feel at any moment, it’s really important to work on thinking about things that help us feel better. I’m not talking about shifting from depression to joy, but maybe depression moving into hope. Anger moving into understanding. Irritation moving into peace. Why? Because what we habitually think and feel becomes the life we live, the events we attract.

Think only the thoughts you choose to materialize.

That is so important: Think only the thoughts you choose to materialize.

And you are not alone, no matter how isolated you may feel! If you need a hug or a kind word, dear heart, know that no matter what condition I’m in, I’m always available for a hug, and always sending you

love and blessings,
…and, as promised, A Dog Show(ing his feelings)

A Change in the Waters

The work an unknown good man has done is like a vein of water flowing hidden underground, secretly making the ground green. ~ Thomas Carlyle


Oh, after two months of house- and dog-sitting, I am home again! At the beginning of my stay, I missed being home. Now, the change of residence calls for adapting again.

Change calls for acceptance, adaptability, and flexibility. Imagine a lump of clay dissolving in water. We can be like
• the water, which embraces all things;
• the clay, which adapts to its surroundings;
• a piece of iron that melts in a furnace, burning with passion or molding ourselves into a new creation, having passed through heat that tempers and strengthens us. (Quantum God, Chapter 20: Change is the only unchanging aspect of life)

Water is truly the element that adapts to its conditions.

Formless Like Water

Water reminds me of the empath, the person who identifies with and feels what another is feeling.

A little girl once ran home and tugged on her mother’s arm. “I just saw Mr. Wilson,” she said. “He was sitting on his front porch, and he was crying.”

“Oh, you didn’t bother him, did you? You know he just lost Mrs. Wilson.”

“No, Mama,” said the little girl. “I climbed up on his lap and cried with him.”

What a vivid illustration of empathy! And surely all of us are moved to sadness, wonder, or joy by many of the encounters we have. Sometimes, however, we soak up those vibrations, as I did last year with the old dog’s stiffness and pains—and then had a hell of a time getting rid of those destructive energies.

For Christmas, my empathic daughter asked for a concoction of essential oils that help shield her from negative energy. As for me, particularly before I visit Pam in the Alzheimer’s care center, I try to remember to form an intention to radiate instead of absorb—to flow out, rather than soak up energy.

EmitOwnFrequency copy

This week, I intend to continue the practice of radiating, especially when change calls for adapting. One thing that will not change, though, is the love and blessings flowing out to you, dear heart.


Deep Listening

Frantically searching for someone to hear their story…
“Listen to the Rain,” Amy Lee, Composer

My sister in Denver called about our mother last week. I missed Nancy’s call, but prepared myself to be alarmed. What had happened to Mom? I started planning how to arrange for dogsitting at two homes, ours and my employer’s, in order to head out west.

When I called Nancy, I discovered she was stressed out and merely wanted to talk. Good! I can talk, and I can listen.

I have a friend whose one-sided conversations tend to be long-winded and sometimes confrontational—and he wonders why people don’t like to be around him. He has not learned that often the best gift we can give is to listen.

Deep listening means listening without an agenda. It mean letting the other person finish what he is saying before you start thinking about what your response is — giving your full attention to this one person standing in front of you.

To listen deeply is to be in the present moment, with an open heart and a clear mind. (Rev. Karyn Bradley, Unity Temple on the Plaza, 10/28/01)

Really listening to someone speaking is not the only deep listening we can do. I don’t know that there’s ever a time when my children drive their cars without turning music on. I myself prefer to use the television for background sound, unless the rain is singing its lovely melody outside, or the wind howling or, if I’m lucky, the ocean is crashing upon rocky cliffs. Is what we’re listening to drowning out our own thoughts?

Indeed, is what we hear an improvement on silence?

Our days are filled with sound. What about the adage, “Silence is golden?” In the silence we can hear our own thoughts rattling around in our minds—we’ve greater mental acuity. In the silence we are more attuned to how we’re feeling—and whether we need to adjust our thoughts so as to make ourselves feel better! And it is in silence that we can hear the Voice of Spirit.

“The Voice for God is always quiet, because it speaks of peace, and it is as loud as your willingness to listen. It cannot be louder without violating your freedom of choice.” (A Course in Miracles)

This week I vow to spend more time in silence. As for now, I send you, dear heart, a silent but powerful blessing and—

love, chelle

Alexander BANNER

Alexander and the Terrific, Awesome, So Good, Very Glad Day

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day was published in 1972. The award-winning book, written by Judith Viorst and illustrated by Ray Cruz, chronicled one day in a young boy’s life—a day when nothing went right. From his first step out of bed (onto his skateboard) to his nightlight burning out when he finally returns to bed (in pajamas he hates), all he can think of is that he’d rather be in Australia. Alexander noticed nothing redeeming about that day except perhaps the realization that people also have bad days in Australia.

This week I got stuck behind a car traveling slower than the speed limit. It was a gray compact (don’t ask me what make or model!) and nondescript except for one thing. Its license plate read, “IN AWE.”

What a wonder-full mantra to take with you wherever you go!

Although I try to begin and end each day feeling grateful, I confess that I have not been noticing many things that cause me to stop and stare in wonder. My focus tends to be on the task at hand, or “decompressing” from completed tasks or, as I write in Quantum God, “…so intent on what our future should bring that we fail to notice the wonder that has cropped up, right before our eyes. Like a treasure of cheerful, golden dandelions.”

We’re not likely to see dandelions any time soon, but the daffodils will soon be sprouting, and kindnesses abound, and Mother Earth is full of elements that inspire awe.

Earth via HubbleHubble telescope photo of Earth

This week I intend to notice the world around me, and to let it move the world within me to wonder. I invite you, dear heart, to share wonder-full experiences with all of us.

love, chelle


Let It Be Sew

“Look, Floyd,” said God, “help Me out here.
Go buy a lottery ticket, will you?” (Quantum God)


When I tried to meet Roxie at Ponak’s for a Mexican dinner, I called her and said I’d be a while—there was no place to park.

“Let me go outside,” she said, leaving the restaurant. “Come back in, come now. There’s a spot right now.”

I turned into the parking lot again and found Roxie standing in the empty space, saving the spot for my car. Hurray for quick action! Praying and envisioning is all well and good, but we need to act, too.

When my mom was young, she and Da would go downtown and look at the mannequins in Macy’s, and Peck and Peck, and Jones. Then Da would cut patterns out of newspaper and sew fashionable dresses for Mom.

Kate in her sweater

Now, I can paint. Write. Sculpt. I’ve composed songs and screenplays, and drawn floor plans for houses. Created a four-layer double-cream chocolate ganache cake and no-bake cheesecake. I also crochet and knit—here’s Kate in her Christmas sweater that I mentioned laboring over four months ago (“A Change in Pattern”).

Unfortunately, I did not inherit Da’s skill set. I am not a seamstress. In  fact, sewing is one of the two things capable of reducing me to tears and swearing and throwing (soft) objects at the walls!

But Merrie Kate’s birthday is approaching, and I’ve had a sewing project in mind for years. I am blessed with good and kind people in my life, so I called upon three friends. First, Clara, an expert quilter, gave me advice. Next, Kay helped me cut out and pin pieces for the patchwork wrap. Finally, on an end-of-the-week, weary Friday night, Roxie came over to thread my brand new sewing machine and provide moral support while I actually used the frightful thing.

Whatever the outcome, I acted upon this vision. I sew hope that you are creating your best and brilliant visions. And if I can help, call on me. Ita fiat: Let it be so!

love, chelle



What Would You Do?

“Fear can stop you from doing a lot of things, but it should never stop you from doing the right thing.” (Anonymous)

What Would You Do is an ABC television offering that fascinates me. Have you seen it? I guess it’s been airing since 2008; as usual, I am a latecomer in discovering the series, but that just means I now have a treasury of episodes to explore.

On the show, “host John Quiñones observes and comments on how ordinary people behave when they are confronted with dilemmas that require them either to take action or to walk by and mind their own business.” I’ve learned to keep a hanky nearby, for at least one segment of every episode always brings me to tears—not sorrowful tears. Oh, no. I weep because, more often than not, the “plain people” caught on camera show the heroism mankind is capable of. The kindness, the compassion, and the bravery.

“Fear can stop you from doing a lot of things, but it should never stop you from doing the right thing,” said a brunette in a Memphis beauty salon on the episode, “Interracial Couples, Psychic Misfortunes.”

Sometimes when I think about the cruelty in our world, the abuse and greed and warlike tendencies of humans, I feel helpless and hopeless, and despair for the outcome of our race—and we are all one race. But it is up to us to mindfully focus on things we can appreciate and praise, for whatever we focus our attention on is what we give energy to and grow.

Kindness is prevalent, all around the world, all across the species. Kindness may be the saving grace for Earth.

I need not ask what you would do. You, dear heart, who are reading this—I know you number among those who make kindness a way of life. I thank you, thank you, thank you, and leave you with

love and blessings of kindnesses to light your life,

Adventures in the Night: Inviting Goodness

After my daughter, Kate, invited me for (delicious) dinner the other night, and Kyle told me told me to be safe, I walked out to my car and, one hand on the door and one on the hood, I slipped on the ice.

The skid wrenched my shoulders. I’d noticed the ice upon arrival and noted not to slip on it later. Why did this almost-accident happen? I may have again been resonating with my mother, who also fell in her apartment that night. But maybe the better question would be, “Why didn’t I fall?”

I could call it the Hand of God. Spirit. Good (if belated) sense. At the time, I chose to believe that my Higher Self took charge of me and caused the slip, which stretched muscles that exercising (or lack of it, ha) had not accomplished.

You may remember that I was overjoyed to get a new license plate for this car. The old plate had read “XBE,” and it certainly seemed that for seven years, I had to exert a lot of extra energy just to be, to live. The new plate reads “EXG,” the meaning of which I joyfully assigned as “Extra Goodness” or “Extra Grace.”

When we “seek first the kingdom,” we realize that no matter what happens, the kingdom of heaven is where we always reside—except when we forget it. The father in “The Prodigal Son” parable, Jesus implied, is like God. God’s love is continual, even for those who reject it, and God’s mercy falls on all without distinction. When the elder son, who had stood by his father and worked hard for him, resents the royal treatment for his dolt of a brother, their father says, “Son, you are always with me, and all that I have is yours.” This means that we live in grace always, and all we must do is to remember that we live in grace; the elder brother had been enjoying everything his father had to share with him all along. This kingdom, or state of grace, is our natural state. When we pray for grace, it’s as if we were standing neck-deep in a pool, crying out for a sip of water. (Quantum God, Chapter 5, “Goodness is a Given”)

Does this mean that Grace was active for me and not for Mom? No. Mom is frail and prone to falls. Or yes—Mom needed the stimulus that would lead her into assisted living, where she needs to be. That would be an act of grace, indeed.

While this universe functions by the Law of Attraction, bringing us events that match the frequency of emotions we put out, I believe that Grace is always at work, too. Every time we notice Grace working in our lives, we make it stronger and more easy to invite it (or accept it) again.

I invite you, dear heart, to notice the extra Goodnesses that visit you this week.

love and blessings,

12 Steps to a Picture-Perfect You

All healing involves replacing fear with love.
A Course in Miracles

Elaine Lierly Jones is a sweet, gracious woman and an award-winning pastelist.

Lierly Jones Grandpas egg cup

Lierly Jones-1








Elaine also has cancer. (This is and only time I will make that statement.) She contacted me this week, asking if I would join others at a specific time in a specific prayer for her. Now, we know that groups do possess a dynamic power.

The power of one mind can shine into another, because all the lamps of God were lit by the same spark. It is everywhere and it is eternal. In many only the spark remains….Perceiving the spark will heal, but knowing the light will create. (A Course in Miracles)

Yes, there is power in “two or more,” but why wait? I asked Elaine if she had time to spend with me at that moment.

I suggested that she…

■ Shut the laptop (and turn off any other electronics), and get still.
■ Breathe into and out of the front and back of her heart chakra (in the middle of the chest).
■ Know that you are made of God-stuff.
■ Know that Spirit is at work inside you all the time.
Feel this truth, this Presence, this Power deep down.
■ Smile, and say, “Thank You.” Every day, spend time feeling grateful.

I prayed that Elaine’s body completely recovers its good health in that and every minute, but—

■ I saw in my mind Elaine smiling and bouncing around, healthy and happy and energetic. No emphasis on or even mention of what was wrong. Just the image of good health.

I said:

■ FEEL HEALTHY. How does it feel to dance, to sing, to laugh?
■ Claim nothing but perfect health. Do not identify yourself with anything you do not want.

One step toward perfect health is to command your body to hold a new memory. Except for a few moments when my mouth turned painful and mushy in sympathetic resonance with my mom’s mouth cancer, I have not been through what Elaine is living. However, last year’s acceptance of others’ energies brought a swift descent into symptoms of fibromyalgia, and one of the steps toward healthiness was telling my body I wanted it to assume the good condition it had in December of 2014. I wanted the body’s cells to use a memory of good health as their working foundation.

Then I asked Elaine to watch this video, which Quantum God cites in Chapter 17, “Miracles are the way life is meant to work,” under the sub-heading, “Rewriting History.”

■ I wanted Elaine to know what is possible, so she has a better idea of what we humans are capable of. Every day is a new day—new day, new you, feeling good!

Also, on page 234 of Quantum God (at the end of Breathing and Attunement) is a method for correcting the flow of the streams of energy (meridians) inside us, and on the next page an exercise for feeling divine support (Breathe through the back of the heart chakra).

As Gregg Braden notes in the video, we are capable of miracles, but we tend to feel more empowered when we have others’ support. So—

■ Get a hug. And remember, we are ever supported by Spirit, and have only to ask for or be aware of the support of Spirit, Angels, and people dear to us who are no longer living in this world.

■ Give a hug. Bless someone by sharing yourself, and you will share in the blessing.

Because you are dear to me, I hold the vision of you laughing and dancing and, as always, I send you

p.s. One thing that always works for me is a hot bath with Epsom salts, a dab of coconut oil, and a few drops of essential oils, which always raises my spirits.