Rain! Rain! Glorious Rain!

Sweet is the sound of the pouring rain,
And the stream that falls from hill to plain.
J. R. R. Tolkien

Rain! Rain! Glorious rain came to the Midwest last night. The cost of the rain was three hours’ power outage, but watching—smelling—the rain in the darkness, and gentle conversation by candlelight seemed more like benefits than a price to be paid.

I wish we could share our rain with California, where wildfires are uncontrollable, and share our heat with Louisiana, where 30 inches of rain fell in three days. Here in Kansas, the rains were a blessing.

To mend dry winds of summer heat
And weary grass beneath my feet
The rain has come to moisten air
And wash away my spirit’s cares.

“Every cloud has a silver lining,” my mom used to say. Looking back over my life, I can see that some events were blessings in disguise. At the least, the traumas constituted lessons to be learned.

Today shall we find a silver lining? A blessing? I know I am blessed because people care about me—and I care about you!

love and light,

One thought on “Rain! Rain! Glorious Rain!

  1. Last night as I watched the rain fall I was thinking exactly the same thing. Cleansing in process. I opened up the garage door and turned off the air. The air got heavy quickly with moisture in the house. I do not fret about the electricity either. Candlelight is preferable anyway. However, I grow weary to think of the chaos that would ensue should it all go away, the technology that is. I think the world would be better off if it did, but it wouldn’t be nearly as fun. Therefore, I appreciate all that is and take life one day at a time. And darn skippy I care about you! Maybe you should come to Florida with me.

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