If you are always trying to be normal,
you will never know how amazing you can be.
Maya Angelou

Once, when I was substituting in a classroom, the little kids gathered around me, gazing at the marks on my hands. A daring child traced the veins with a finger, and they ooed and ahhed over the tendons (ligaments? bones?) beneath the skin. What was normal for me amazed those students.

As I sit here drinking apple juice with protein powder mixed into it, I don’t feel very amazing now. I feel fat. I’ve never weighed more than 106 pounds my whole life, except for during pregnancies. This extra twenty pounds of swollen tissues is wearing me down.

Caterpillar-Butterfly copy

I might hope I’m in the pre-chrysalis stage—still a fat little caterpillar waiting to be transformed. Except that we are already What We Are, divine spirits clothed in flesh. Angel wings and feet of clay?

What we focus on is what we get more of. So, shall we make time to imagine flying? Spreading our amazing wings and, in free flight, adding to the beauty of the world?

Adnan Sami photo

Photo by Adnan Sami

love, chelle

3 thoughts on “Amazing!

  1. Great video but I did not care for the music at all. It weighs on me as much as it weighs on you girlfriend. Perhaps you are in pre-chrysalis….. but I also recognize you for what you are uncloaked by the flesh, and you already do spread your love throughout the world. All one need do is read your book and they shall figure this out. I, however, have been blessed with your friendship, and for that I am quite thankful. We will figure this out woman! I love you!

  2. Thinking of you, sweetness. Hoping you beginning to feel, not normal, but more like yourself and that’s anything but normal. You are truly a unique person to my life and I look so forward to seeing once a week. I’ve been gone on vacation for a couple of Sundays and I truly miss you. I’m anxious to see your face again.
    Hugs on you,

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