Living Quantum God

Here I am, living Quantum God again. In a week when an acupuncturist surmised that my all-over swelling comes from hormonal imbalance, the doctor’s diagnosis differs. Dr. Alex says that my kidneys are failing, in spite of them testing fine four months ago.

Whew! That’s nothing I choose to claim!

“I am who I am,” I read, “because I have made myself so.” What made this statement momentous was what it implied: If I am who I am because of me, then I can be anything I want to be. The thought sank deep into my bones, and I am trying to claim it as my own. (Quantum God, Part Two: 6)

Well, I’m working on it. Working on getting some insurance (Medicaid). Working on not feeling afraid. Working on remembering what it’s like to feel good. Working on living in a quantum fashion.

Why? Because everything in this universe is made up of quanta, little packets of potential that can do absolutely mind-boggling things. And Jesus said, “You are gods.” Yogananda said, “You are all gods.” Dr. Bruce Lipton says our biology follows our beliefs.

And I know I could heal myself. After 15 years of “I’m always healthy” and being (mostly) just that, the knowledge that I can heal myself makes all the trials of the last few months aggravating.

But aggravation isn’t going to get me anywhere. Peace. Gratitude. Confidence (which means with faith). These are where I start.

Where I end, for now, is—

love and blessings,

We will die

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