Independence: Going Home

When we were teenagers, the job of clearing the dinner table fell to Nancy and me. Invariably, our brothers would leave milk in their glasses and, not wanting to waste food, Nancy and I drank the leftovers. Often, though, we’d end up saying, “Yuck!” and spit out big globs of grape chewing gum from the bottom of the glass.

We are children of a child of the Great Depression. This week that child, our mom, Sandra Lou, left her frail body. On Independence Day. How appropriate, I thought, for a spirit going Home.
Mom May 2002

Mom was quite ready for her journey, and we kids and grandchildren are left with ashes of memories—and our own characters. Her integrity, kindness, strength, generosity. Qualities instilled by Mom.

May we rest in peace, knowing that those we hold dear who have gone ahead of us now enjoy freedom from the weight of the physical.

love and light,

6 thoughts on “Independence: Going Home

  1. Thinking of you, sweet love. It is so very hard to deal with such a huge loss. I’m praying for you and your family as you learn to live in this world without your dear mother in it. Harder hugs, j

    1. I find it insegettinr, and maybe more than a coincidence, that you posted this on the anniversary of a friend of mines death. Thank you for this You’ve been making me cry much too often,lol

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