Th Great Bell Chant (End of All Suffering)

Instead of my words this week, shall we take seven minutes to restore our spirits?

Zen says, “No ego, no problem.” May we calmly address any problems in the coming week, knowing that our mindfulness and compassion benefits the Whole.

love and blessings,

3 thoughts on “Th Great Bell Chant (End of All Suffering)

  1. I do not want to spoil the party but give YOU something to think about.
    I don’t have any faith but I am as much happy, optimistic, appreciating, resilient, loving, giving, moral, friendly and in love with life and people. How it can be? God’s experiment, you say?

    1. You need not be “religious” to be spiritual—that is, filled with spirit, with enthusiasm, with life. This you have always been, Valdi, in my experience. I wish I knew your joy. love, chelle

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