How Can I Help?

So many angels walk this earth, sharing kindnesses
as naturally as the sun shares its warmth. (Quantum God)


I cracked open a fortune cookie and read its message: “Service is the rent we pay for living on this planet.”

Nowhere is this more ideally illustrated than by my brother-friend, Mark. I called him and told him at length about the recent family crisis. When my breath ran out, he responded.

“How can I help?” he asked. Short and to the point.

A simple “How can I help?” No blame, no shame, no dilly-dallying. Mark’s question touched my heart and, in itself, was a  solution in that moment for my emotional upset.

All things contribute to the progression of an unfolding Creation, even the things that seem bad. Unconditional love helps, accepting the less-than-ideal without condemning it. Unconditional love does not say, “I’ll love you, but first you have to act like this.”

A Hindu swami once told about spending a day alone with his nephew: “It was a hard day for the swami and the three-year-old. We messed up the house. He threw a tantrum. Finally I took him in my arms and just held him . . . I realized that’s all the world wants, to be held in spite of it all.” (Quantum God, Chapter Nine)

Oh, how terrible our lives would be without the finest quality of life, compassion, and the desire to help! We are surrounded by angels, from friends and family to loving pets and kind strangers.

May we notice and appreciate these blessings in the coming week, while we also “pay rent” in service. And thank you, dear heart—I appreciate you.

love, chelle

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