Hoping for a Wonder, Love Rushes In

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Marc lost his friend, Meredith, last week. He’s going to have to spend time grieving, but he can also focus on the people who love him here and now. I, too, had bad and good news: The bad news is, I have an ulcer. The good news is, I know I have an ulcer. Now I can eat foods and drink liquids that won’t hurt my stomach so much. (And, having been pregnant, I know the value of saltine crackers and flat 7-Up!)

So here is personal accountability again—doing what will help us feel good.

Any time we get rid of negativity, we create a vacuum where more compassion, love, and understanding can rush in. (Quantum God)

Positive actions run the gamut from 7-Up and saltines, to asking for a hug, to speaking to ourselves with kindness instead of scorn.

At one point, I derided myself for letting my family’s traditions down. My great-grandparents took people in and fed them during the Depression. My mom’s parents paid for children’s operations at the Shriners Hospital. My mom was a friend to all.

What had I done? I found some comfort when I realized I’d given homeless friends and strangers a place to stay, helped with prescriptions, and shared food and love, at least.

But sharing is only one side of the cycle. I once taught my mom that we need to allow others to minister to us so they, too, experience being generous and warm-hearted. Moving bullies out of my circle these last few years has brought kind people into my life and given me practice in receiving—with great gratitude.

It is a humbling experience to know people who are as generous and caring as the family I grew up in, a wonderful testimony to the abundance in this universe, and evidence to support my belief that goodness and kindness runs throughout humankind.

This week shall we take responsibility for our own happiness, allowing love to rush in?

love, chelle

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3 thoughts on “Hoping for a Wonder, Love Rushes In

  1. I am not surprised that you have an ulcer my dear, sympathetic, certainly; Inner turmoil has a way of manifesting in the gut. I love the song and yes love fixes all. I suspect we have to let go of certain vibrations be them from a past life or whatever their origin. Today I learned we can carry these vibrations with us for thousands of years. We can also reprogram them by letting the negative dissipate as you mentioned and let it be replaced with a more fulfilling feeling. i too believe the power of love has the capacity to run through us all; unfortunately conditioning is at times difficult to overcome. Thank you for the deeply insightful blog this week lady. Letting the healing begin from within sometimes requires starting outside of one’s self with others.

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