Putting the POW in Power

NOW puts the POW in power.

Why? The present moment is where our power lies.

Too often we live in our heads, in the past (regretful) or the future (fearful).

Quantum physics says that we can move backwards and forwards in time. So, during this three-month-long flu-like illness, I took a note from Chapter 17 of Quantum God and, at the edge of sleep, repeated, “Already gone, already gone,” like the Chinese doctors who shrank a woman’s fatal tumor to nothingness.

I also worked at getting my body to remember a time when it was absolutely healthy, but even better was experiencing a respite from nausea for a right-now feeling of good health.

What really worked, though, was figuring out what was wrong—a lack of beneficial beasties in the intestines—and cultivating them on a physical level, right here, right now. And I had a lot of help from people who were praying for me, and sending healing energy. Energy not for the body, but for the mind that finally latched onto the problem and the solution! (Thank you, dear hearts!)

Our power lies in every now moment. Every love-centered moment.


May you reap the rewards of your power this week!

love, chelle

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