Flying with a Broken Wing

Many of us learned that unless we put others first,
we would become egotistical and selfish.
We were taught to “love your neighbor as yourself.”
But did we ever learn to love ourselves? (Quantum God)

One of the first spiritual guidelines I learned (from Deepak Chopra) was that we must love ourself.

An organization for plastic surgery has been running a television commercial in which one of its customers says, “I feel pretty,” and every time I hear her say, “I feel pretty,” I respond out loud with “Good for you!”

Although a lot of this lifetime seems spent in letting go of what isn’t working well, I’m not endorsing plastic surgery. It’s the woman’s view of herself that I rejoice in. She feels good!


Feeling good isn’t always easy, and trying to fly with a broken wing difficult but not impossible.

Spirit (with a capital “S”) supports life as long as spirit (with a small “s”) trusts that lifeline. How do we deepen our trust? By what the Sufis call remembrance of the soul. Quiet time. Prayer. Believing in ourself. And noticing moments of grace that happen every day.

This week, shall we make an effort to notice every instance of “what’s going right” and be grateful?

I am grateful for you.

love, chelle

Natalie Wood singing “I Feel Pretty” from West Side Story at

One thought on “Flying with a Broken Wing

  1. It is uncanny how you know the current topic I grapple with and it seems to be a frequent talent you have. I have really been on the rampage about helping others all the time and am just about to the conclusion that I need to just go! I had a girlfriend invite me to Florida where she and her husband live not too far from the sea. She even offered to send me some cash for the ticket. Why am I not on the beach in Florida? There’s no broken wing, but I still can’t help but think I will be missed, and have rationalized that if I go to Florida it will be with Serenity to Disney World. I wonder how long it will take me to just get on the plane and go. Am I not loving myself enough. Abraham thinks so. I heard her say it too just after the offer. I mean like within hours. So the subtle hints are now fine tuning of intuition and I know she is right. It is time for me to enjoy myself, go to the beach, bask in the sun, drink with friends, and most of all, relax and do something other than read and write for school.

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