Getting Out of Bed

 The day was perfect! The sun was shining, the flowers blooming, all was right with the world…But then I had to get out of bed. ~ Anon.


bedAnother day came yesterday—a new day, yes? A day in which to do anything, to be anything we like?

A day dedicated, I decided, to finding joy and not indulging in fear. What’s there to be afraid of? Well, the supposed altitude sickness that affected me in Denver followed me back to Kansas, and I am still parched and puffed up all over, feet and legs and hands and face swollen, and scared. Was I dying? And it costs what, $200 just to walk into an Emergency Room? What a nightmare!

Our mother is having the greatest difficulty feeding herself, with hands misshapen from arthritis and senseless from neuropathy, and unable to transfer to assisted living quarters unless she can feed herself.

And do I still have any sort of job, any income and interaction with my Alzheimer client’s family since hospice is now visiting Pam?

These fears left me keeping company late with my pillow yesterday morning. The day, however, is what we make of it.

HopesNotFears copySo I put aside my fears and got out of bed. And do you know what? With some smiles, food, love and friendship and work, the day-gone-by looked pretty good. I was feeling grateful, which is so much more productive than feeling frightened, yes?

Today is a new day, and it is upon us! May we focus on our daytime dreams this day and every day, dear heart! And know that I leave you with

love and blessings,


One thought on “Getting Out of Bed

  1. Wonderful! I am so glad you decided to focus on what is right. In no time at all it will all be right. Living in fear is not an option for me. Interesting, I manifested a visit from Child Protective Services who inspected and assessed the situation here and went away satisfied enough to close the case promptly. It is difficult to work in social services and not call out every little discrepancy I see in my own home. What their visit did though is get the other parent on board to pay closer attention to her child. Universe is amazing and we always get what we want, even if we don’t know it is us manifesting it. Paying close attention to our thoughts is the key. What do you want.Do not focus on what you do not want as you will surely see just that. Instead believe you can have whatever you want and it shall be yours. Thanks Chelle.

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