One of my most favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles asks,
why be angry at a world that “merely awaits your blessing to be free?”
(Quantum God, Chapter Nine, “Judgment…”)


What with not feeling great, concern over my mom and the cost of gas to visit her plus loss of income during the trip, and the joyful distraction of being with family, I have been forgetting to bless this week.


Oh, there’s no forgetting how blessed I am! I have not, however, remembered my nightly blessings, much less blessing often and indiscriminately.

Whatever we eat and drink, whatever we think or imagine, every emotion we feel—they all have a physical affect within us, and those changes cause chemical, electromagnetic, and para-physical waves to ripple outward, ultimately influencing everything that exists. This is how prayers and blessings work. (Quantum God)

Will you join me in the coming week in blessing—merely wishing others well—now and then, here and there? This beautiful world and all its inhabitants can only benefit by our gift of benevolent energies.

Thank you, dear heart.

love and blessings,

One thought on “Benevolence

  1. Years ago through the auspices of the internet I came across a poet-poem entitled The Benevolence of the Sun. The poet passed away but the poem endured, or at least the title of it, and remains as a reminder of gratitude. So too that that benevolence so kindly bestowed by the sun should reflect in some small and humble manner that which I receive daily.

    Well said, Chelle.

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