The Keys to Well-Being

I was listening to Abraham talk about healing this week. The points covered were nothing new, but we all—or I do—need reminders for just about any area of living. And these points do apply to any area of life. The material, in fact, was very Quantum God-ish, and included:

■ Well-being is the very nature of the body.
■ Do your best to feel as good as you can emotionally, at every moment.
■ Focusing on what’s wrong makes you, well, focus on what is wrong,  which magnifies the hurt or illness or problem.

Your cells know exactly how to ask and what to do. If you could completely get out of the way and trust, you would become well again, because the cells know what they need and they are asking their direct Source of Life. If you’re not in the way of that, that cell’s going to find its recovery. And if that cell does, the other cells can, and if enough of them do, you’re going to feel really good.

If you can find a way to convey hope and trust and faith…the natural resources will take care of everything else. (Abraham)

I have seen how trust works in the area of finances; I once attended a substitute teachers meeting where we were instructed on how to apply for food stamps during the coming summer. I fretted for a couple of days until Spirit got through with the message, No need to worry—you won’t need food stamps. No more fear and no more problem; trusting Spirit opened the channel for abundance, and I allowed “enough” to come in those non-teaching months.

In any area of life these are the keys, in order: Hope. Faith. Trust. Knowing. Allowing. Accepting.

Another key? Love—which, dear heart, I send to you.

One thought on “The Keys to Well-Being

  1. Thank you for the Abraham and the reminder that I will not be able to wrestle all of the problems to the ground and make them go away. I like the suggestion to go general. I am learning how to master the vortex entry and vibrating in tune to that which I desire. Abraham’s teachings are a good reminder to live in the positive vibrations and they are always received with an open mind. I also like your given scenario regarding the food stamp thing and how spirit reminded you that you would not need them. I have found the most difficult part of manifestation is the trust and knowing my desire will be met only by my frequency. This means I have to redirect negative thought into positive outcome to raise the vibration. I say to myself at least 3 times a day how thankful I am to be half-way through life and feel so healthy and agile. Life is good, and so is your blog friend. See you shortly.

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