Oh, Look! A Dog Show!

At this time, I’m still recovering from rotisserie chicken I tried to keep too long. Tad is (barely) living with a broken heart. Elaine has not posted her progress on Facebook since her last round of chemotherapy a month ago. This country that was colonized by immigrants is in an uproar about its diversity. And I could go on…

Elements of depression
Sometimes each of us feels lonely, helpless, at a loss.


■ You are not alone, no matter how isolated you may feel.
■ You are not insignificant. Rather, you are supremely unique, and the universe needs you.
■ You don’t have to go through this by yourself. Get out of the house. Call on a friend. Share a hug.
■ You don’t have to suffer, feeling desolate and lifeless and hopeless. Don’t think thoughts that make you feel bad! And know that time will help, and life will get better.

Often Jenny or Cecilia would run inside crying, “Mama Chelle, I have an owwie,” and she’d hold out a finger with a barely discernible pink mark on it. “I need a Band-Aid.”

“Are you dripping blood?” I’d ask, kissing the finger. “You’re okay.” Then I’d engage her in washing green grapes for treat time or watching Sesame Street or Teletubbies. The key was to shift her focus from hurt to fun. (Quantum God, Chapter 20, Change…)

While fun may be too far a stretch, distraction is perfect. Distractions change the direction of our thoughts and the quality of our emotions.

Oh, look!

No matter how bad we feel at any moment, it’s really important to work on thinking about things that help us feel better. I’m not talking about shifting from depression to joy, but maybe depression moving into hope. Anger moving into understanding. Irritation moving into peace. Why? Because what we habitually think and feel becomes the life we live, the events we attract.

Think only the thoughts you choose to materialize.

That is so important: Think only the thoughts you choose to materialize.

And you are not alone, no matter how isolated you may feel! If you need a hug or a kind word, dear heart, know that no matter what condition I’m in, I’m always available for a hug, and always sending you

love and blessings,
…and, as promised, A Dog Show(ing his feelings)

One thought on “Oh, Look! A Dog Show!

  1. Thanks for the Dori today. She is the best. I have a towel for Ren with her and Nemo’s dad on it. Thank you for the ever so subtle reminder of how to manifest with “Think only the thoughts you choose to materialize.” Your blog this week was well written and taken to heart my dear friend. I will always be one of those friends you can lean on in times of need. What do you need right now? Hugs? Healing energy? Tad’s heart will mend. Just keep infusing him with your motherly love. You empathy you. Be the ocean not the wave. Love you! P.S. The dog video was cute I kept waiting to see the cat and a little disappointed I didn’t.

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