A Change in the Waters

The work an unknown good man has done is like a vein of water flowing hidden underground, secretly making the ground green. ~ Thomas Carlyle


Oh, after two months of house- and dog-sitting, I am home again! At the beginning of my stay, I missed being home. Now, the change of residence calls for adapting again.

Change calls for acceptance, adaptability, and flexibility. Imagine a lump of clay dissolving in water. We can be like
• the water, which embraces all things;
• the clay, which adapts to its surroundings;
• a piece of iron that melts in a furnace, burning with passion or molding ourselves into a new creation, having passed through heat that tempers and strengthens us. (Quantum God, Chapter 20: Change is the only unchanging aspect of life)

Water is truly the element that adapts to its conditions.

Formless Like Water

Water reminds me of the empath, the person who identifies with and feels what another is feeling.

A little girl once ran home and tugged on her mother’s arm. “I just saw Mr. Wilson,” she said. “He was sitting on his front porch, and he was crying.”

“Oh, you didn’t bother him, did you? You know he just lost Mrs. Wilson.”

“No, Mama,” said the little girl. “I climbed up on his lap and cried with him.”

What a vivid illustration of empathy! And surely all of us are moved to sadness, wonder, or joy by many of the encounters we have. Sometimes, however, we soak up those vibrations, as I did last year with the old dog’s stiffness and pains—and then had a hell of a time getting rid of those destructive energies.

For Christmas, my empathic daughter asked for a concoction of essential oils that help shield her from negative energy. As for me, particularly before I visit Pam in the Alzheimer’s care center, I try to remember to form an intention to radiate instead of absorb—to flow out, rather than soak up energy.

EmitOwnFrequency copy

This week, I intend to continue the practice of radiating, especially when change calls for adapting. One thing that will not change, though, is the love and blessings flowing out to you, dear heart.


3 thoughts on “A Change in the Waters

  1. Great blog today Chelle. My advice for Kate is turn her on to Abraham. She will teach her how to stay on that high flying disk that repels negative energy. Or Facebook, plenty of negative energy there. I love the spin of casting out or radiating rather than absorbing. Unfortunately the empath feels much and has to learn and discern when to let their actions spring forth as a result and just what those actions will be. The child is a fine example of loosing the energy in that she sat on his lap and cried with him letting the energy be released naturally. We can feel the feeling and let it go simultaneously. The analogy of be the ocean, not the wave is just another way of saying be the water and a fine message it is. I love that you have expanded it into radiating that which you are, it works, and very well. You know how passionate I am about the vaccine issue and I certainly radiate it everywhere I go. It is making a huge difference. I see a few new scientific pieces on it each day and consensus is growing in the anti-vaccine pro-choice movement in general. I started reading your Seth book yesterday from the beginning. First attempt but am driven to ascertain much from the writings having listened to the CD’s of which I still have one of yours. Somehow reading the words drives it all home. Life is grand my love and full of learning but ultimately loving is the best way to go. Focus on what you love. Name it claim it believe it achieve it! Hope to see you soon.

  2. To all the good energy of Lisa’s e-mail, let me add the following:

    “The ancient Masters were profound and subtle.
    Their wisdom was unfathomable.
    There is no way to describe it;
    all we can describe is their appearance.

    They were careful
    as someone crossing an iced-over stream.
    Alert as a warrior in enemy territory.
    Courteous as a guest.
    Fluid as melting ice.
    Shapable as a block of wood.
    Receptive as a valley.
    Clear as a glass of water.

    Do you have the patience to wait
    till your mud settles and the water is clear?
    Can you remain unmoving
    till the right action arises by itself?

    The Master doesn’t seek fulfillment.
    Not seeking, not expecting,
    she is present, and can welcome all things.”



    “Dazzling and tremendous, how quickly
    the sunrise would destroy me,
    if I could not now and forever
    send sunrise out of me.”

    — Walt Whitman

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