Let It Be Sew

“Look, Floyd,” said God, “help Me out here.
Go buy a lottery ticket, will you?” (Quantum God)


When I tried to meet Roxie at Ponak’s for a Mexican dinner, I called her and said I’d be a while—there was no place to park.

“Let me go outside,” she said, leaving the restaurant. “Come back in, come now. There’s a spot right now.”

I turned into the parking lot again and found Roxie standing in the empty space, saving the spot for my car. Hurray for quick action! Praying and envisioning is all well and good, but we need to act, too.

When my mom was young, she and Da would go downtown and look at the mannequins in Macy’s, and Peck and Peck, and Jones. Then Da would cut patterns out of newspaper and sew fashionable dresses for Mom.

Kate in her sweater

Now, I can paint. Write. Sculpt. I’ve composed songs and screenplays, and drawn floor plans for houses. Created a four-layer double-cream chocolate ganache cake and no-bake cheesecake. I also crochet and knit—here’s Kate in her Christmas sweater that I mentioned laboring over four months ago (“A Change in Pattern”).

Unfortunately, I did not inherit Da’s skill set. I am not a seamstress. In  fact, sewing is one of the two things capable of reducing me to tears and swearing and throwing (soft) objects at the walls!

But Merrie Kate’s birthday is approaching, and I’ve had a sewing project in mind for years. I am blessed with good and kind people in my life, so I called upon three friends. First, Clara, an expert quilter, gave me advice. Next, Kay helped me cut out and pin pieces for the patchwork wrap. Finally, on an end-of-the-week, weary Friday night, Roxie came over to thread my brand new sewing machine and provide moral support while I actually used the frightful thing.

Whatever the outcome, I acted upon this vision. I sew hope that you are creating your best and brilliant visions. And if I can help, call on me. Ita fiat: Let it be so!

love, chelle



One thought on “Let It Be Sew

  1. Thanks for this week’s topic as a reminder to take action. Sometimes I can envision plans and varying ideas, but starting work on it is usually the needed step that suggests the next step. I appreciate your mention of my mom, as she is a creative inspiration for me, as well !
    ❤️, Rachelle

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