Adventures in the Night: Inviting Goodness

After my daughter, Kate, invited me for (delicious) dinner the other night, and Kyle told me told me to be safe, I walked out to my car and, one hand on the door and one on the hood, I slipped on the ice.

The skid wrenched my shoulders. I’d noticed the ice upon arrival and noted not to slip on it later. Why did this almost-accident happen? I may have again been resonating with my mother, who also fell in her apartment that night. But maybe the better question would be, “Why didn’t I fall?”

I could call it the Hand of God. Spirit. Good (if belated) sense. At the time, I chose to believe that my Higher Self took charge of me and caused the slip, which stretched muscles that exercising (or lack of it, ha) had not accomplished.

You may remember that I was overjoyed to get a new license plate for this car. The old plate had read “XBE,” and it certainly seemed that for seven years, I had to exert a lot of extra energy just to be, to live. The new plate reads “EXG,” the meaning of which I joyfully assigned as “Extra Goodness” or “Extra Grace.”

When we “seek first the kingdom,” we realize that no matter what happens, the kingdom of heaven is where we always reside—except when we forget it. The father in “The Prodigal Son” parable, Jesus implied, is like God. God’s love is continual, even for those who reject it, and God’s mercy falls on all without distinction. When the elder son, who had stood by his father and worked hard for him, resents the royal treatment for his dolt of a brother, their father says, “Son, you are always with me, and all that I have is yours.” This means that we live in grace always, and all we must do is to remember that we live in grace; the elder brother had been enjoying everything his father had to share with him all along. This kingdom, or state of grace, is our natural state. When we pray for grace, it’s as if we were standing neck-deep in a pool, crying out for a sip of water. (Quantum God, Chapter 5, “Goodness is a Given”)

Does this mean that Grace was active for me and not for Mom? No. Mom is frail and prone to falls. Or yes—Mom needed the stimulus that would lead her into assisted living, where she needs to be. That would be an act of grace, indeed.

While this universe functions by the Law of Attraction, bringing us events that match the frequency of emotions we put out, I believe that Grace is always at work, too. Every time we notice Grace working in our lives, we make it stronger and more easy to invite it (or accept it) again.

I invite you, dear heart, to notice the extra Goodnesses that visit you this week.

love and blessings,

2 thoughts on “Adventures in the Night: Inviting Goodness

  1. Love the song! I suspect you did not fall because you were mentally prepared not to. I have found I manifest that which I do not want if I think about it for less than 7 seconds, but if I take more time to finish why I don’t want it and think of the counter product, like remaining upright, it works to my advantage. Does that make sense?

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