New Year, New You, Quantum-Style

Last week Brad and I wanted to visit my friend, Liz, but we had to track her down.  We learned that she had fallen in her apartment and lain in the bathroom for three days.  The office manager told us the hospital where Liz had been admitted, but they could not divulge where Liz had gone from there.  A quick phone call to Liz’s brother, though, at least gave us the name of the nursing home, and another call to Merrie Kate helped us with the address.  (Thank you, Eddie and Kate, both of whom interrupted their work to talk with us.)

Well, Liz was delighted to see us, and we her, and we had a good visit.  As I was leaving, Liz called me back and whispered, “When I get better, I’ll work on repaying you.” For a past-due typing bill, she meant.

“No,” I said and shook my head. “Don’t worry about it.”

Of all the people who carry debts, this woman least able to pay has continuously been the most worried about it.  Enough.  Let’s wipe the slate clean.

Not a bad idea with the new year approaching, to wipe the board clean of anything that is holding us back or pulling us down.  Instead of making resolutions for change, why not begin with a clean slate?

No more rotator cuff troubles for me! No fretting over where the food budget is going to come from.  No more “I can’t…”

For ten years I’ve been laboring under the label of “failure,” but I am always comforted by the fact that George Bailey was the richest man in town, with all his friends and family.  With such treasures in my life, including you, dear heart, I am wealthy and well and capable beyond measure!

Everything is composed of little magical packets of potential called quanta. Although human beings are slow-moving macrocosms in relation to subatomic particles, we are composed of quanta and what quanta can do, we can also do. And quanta, as we shall see in Chapter Four, can do mind-boggling things.

The new physics shows that humans are capable of much more than we ever thought. Even Jesus said that the things he had done, so shall we do, and more (John 14:12). We possess abilities we’ve reserved for the Divine, the Christs and Buddhas, the avatars and swamis. (Quantum God, Chapter One)

Will you join me in the new year with a new you?  We can celebrate Quantum You and Quantum Me! Remember, I believe in you.

love, chelle

3 thoughts on “New Year, New You, Quantum-Style

  1. I will take my little magical packet of potential called Quanta , and have a happy new year for the first time in a long time, thanks to you Chelle, and i know you will do the same, LOVE ED and Girls

    1. I will take my little magical packet of potential called Quanta, and have a happy new year for the first time in a long time, thanks to you Chelle, and i know you will do the same. LOVE ED and Girls

  2. I was just talking to my daughter and separately a friend of my step-son’s last night about making today the first day of the rest of our lives. What a wonderful thing when the mind is focused in the moment and expresses gratitude for all that it has. I believe what you are describing in Chapter 4 of Quantum God is the endless possibilities and not watching and hoping for exact results. Seth describes this as thinking in the sense of general acceptance. When manifesting desire we must manifest a general replication of that which we desire. In other words, Universe knows what we want; do we? I want to believe that Universe knows what I want and will deliver unfaltering if I can just get out of he way. You mentioned worrying about where the food money will come from. Don’t worry Chelle, Universe has your back and so do I! Love to you and looking forward to the New Me tomorrow and the next day and the next after that. The only constant is change and today I embrace it and am even gratuitous for it. Great blog girl, keep up the good work!

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