Start with Mercy

“Every chapter of the Quran starts with ‘Mercy‘” read one of the signs at the recent anti-ISIS march in London.  Great Britain’s Independent headline read, “Hundreds of Muslims flooded the streets of London to condemn terrorism. Media’s response: Silence.” (Dec. 8, 2015)

When people band together in the name of peace, there is only silence? Is that because of the fear of Islamic terrorists?

Acts of terrorism know no religious or ethical boundaries.  Consider the pro-lifer who kills a doctor at a planned parenthood center in the name of his Christian God, or the bigots who torch a Negro church.  Charles Manson, hoping to instigate a white/black war, or the bombings of the IRA where innocents died. Perhaps an ultimate (but not last) act of terrorism against all of humanity was the anti-Jewish (and many other things) Holocaust.

“There is only one true way,” some people contend.  The second endnote in Quantum God contains illuminating information from a book by Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, world-renowned scholar in religious studies.

In his book, The Hidden Gospel, Neil Douglas-Klotz has pointed out some of the hazards of mistranslation and probable alternate interpretations of key phrases of organized Christianity, such as “I am the way, the truth and the life: No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6 KJV) “The Aramaic word urha, usually translated ‘way’ . . . is the light that uncovers a path. The word sherara, usually translated as ‘truth’ . . . a solution or liberation . . . in harmony with the universe. The word hayye, usually translated as ‘life,’ indicates in both Aramaic and Hebrew the sacred life force, the primal energy that pervades all of nature and the universe.” He translates John 14:6 as: “No one comes into rhythm with the breathing life of all, the sound and atmosphere that created the cosmos, except through the breathing, sound, and atmosphere, of another embodied ‘I’ connected to the ultimate ‘I Am.’”

Today I read aloud to Pam.  I chose an article from The Kansas City Star about our city’s Secret Santa.  Although my Alzheimer’s client has trouble expressing herself, Santa’s acts of kindness (which some recipients immediately “paid forward”) brought tears to Pam’s eyes.  There are many more kind people in our world than not.

As if I could ever forget all the shining people in my life, including you, dear heart, this week I shall remember only the kindnesses.  I shall start with mercy.

love, chelle

5 thoughts on “Start with Mercy

  1. I can’t remember ANY surahs of the Quran that begin with mercy. Many of them begin with “Alif-Lam-Ra”. [These letters are one of the miracles of the Qur’an, and none but Allah (Alone) knows their meanings].

    Islam is a theocratic religion that seeks world domination through whatever means necessary, whether it be proselytizing, deceit, or force. It’s the only widespread philosophy that I know of that still actively not just condones but recommends force. As in the Bible, there are a lot of contradictions, and you can find almost anything you want to support almost any argument, but the salient point, I think, is that right now there are a lot of muslims beheading infidels, throwing gays off of roof tops, and stoning women, and a surprising proportion of muslims worldwide support these behaviors. Even in the USA, a large proportion prefer Sharia law over US law, and many others think that the use of force is justified in bringing Sharia to us infidels, and that apostates should be killed.

    I don’t care about anyone’s religion or who they sleep with, or what they have for breakfast. That’s all personal, and none of my business, but when millions of people across the world and in the US believe in shoving their views down my throat by force, or killing me, that gets my attention and overrides any other considerations.

    I’ve known and employed muslims who I liked and trusted. Some of them are fine people by any standard, but I can find no tolerance for people who think I should be converted, extorted, or dead.

    1. Thank you, Michael. And yes, that is in part my point, differentiating the peaceful from the extremists, of any opinion.

  2. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, Chelle, that your lovely words of mercy, love, healing and reconciliation–the heart and soul of the Gospel!–would elicit an angry, self-righteous, judgmental response like the one from Michael. If we each were personally condemned for all the horrors committed, explicitly or implicitly, in the name of Christian self-righteousness–from the Crusades, the Inquisition and witch burnings, to Native American genocide, African American slavery, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and so much more–then not one of us would be absolved.

    From personal experience, I can think of nothing more painful and cruel than to have my eternal soul judged, condemned and persecuted, simply because others who
    look like me, or have the same religion, ethnicity or nationality, committed heinous crimes. We must transcend this stigmatizing, scapegoating, fear- and hate- mongering madness, or else we become just as bad, or even worse, than our “enemies.” So please keep pouring forth your words of love, kindness, mercy, healing, forgiveness and reconciliation! We need every single drop of compassion raining down now on our wounded, suffering world!

  3. I am befuddled by the attention the majority of the people give to what they hear on the television. I am with Michael in a sense that no one is going to force their hand on me either. This is why we live in America the supposed “land of the free”. We are already living those heavy handed laws folks. Having just taken a class with seven people from Saudi Arabia “Muslims” (sounds like a dirty word if you listen to the mainstream media), I can assure you that a majority of them are not blinded hatred of others. Yes there are many people in many other countries who are over wanting to “Kill the Americans”. I think they finally figured out it is not the people of one country who are creating the chaos, it is the Government of all of them. Ever heard of the term “New World Order”? I have a professor who teaches Leadership and Development and in his book he eludes to this power to reconsider changing their reasoning as they appeal to a new “Global Strategy”, in regards to business in general. I don’t think for a minute that this is not real as I am watching it and living it. However, we are still very much in charge, we can protest and refuse to play along. If there are more people in jail than there are on the streets (or in their houses), then that just wouldn’t work now would it. Stop blaming it on our fellow kind hearted people. As Michelle said a majority of the people are good. It is the ones who feel they need to choose the direction of others who falter and must surely fail. Michael, turn off the television.

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