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Royal Crown: Black and White and Blue  

Banner Photo by Tammy Ljungblad

While I admit I’m not a fan of baseball, I think what happened in Kansas City after the 2015 World Series is fan-tastic. When the triumphant Royals returned from New York, 800,000 Kansas Citians gathered to watch the team parade through downtown.

What made this gathering remarkable is that in spite of the diverse crowd, there were no race riots, no road rage, no lootings or shootings. No black or white — just a lot of people sporting blue. From cops to kids to admiring adults, in adulation forty percent of the entire metropolitan area squeezed into two and a half miles near Union Station, and there was peace.

800,000 for Royals - David Eulitt, KC Star

Photo by David Eulitt

KCMO Police Chief Darryl Forte stated, “With hundreds of thousands of people piling into just a few square miles of our city, we made very few arrests, and those were for very minor incidents.” Three arrests, to be exact. A miracle, you think?

800,000 for Royals - Roy Inman

Photo by Roy Inman

If we can believe, all things are possible. People living 2,000 years ago didn’t even regard miracles as miraculous; the Jews didn’t have a word for “miracle” because they expected miracles to happen. So, if we can believe, then all things are possible . . . Like moving enormous stones to build the pyramids [and] effecting world peace. (Quantum God, Chapter Four, “Anything Goes”)

Dear heart, like 800,000 crown jewels, we showed that peace aplenty is possible. We were peace.

800,000 - Royal Crown - Tammy Ljungblad

Photo by Tammy Ljungblad

With blessings for a peaceful new week, I send you love—


One thought on “Royal Crown: Black and White and Blue  

  1. Thank you again, Chelle–words of light and hope when I most needed them. Yes, indeed, a multitude of 800,000, united in Spirit, filled with joy and love! THIS is how we can be, at our best. I was struck too, by the photo of bearded Alex Gordon, seeming to bless all the fans reaching eagerly toward him. Suddenly I saw Jesus, and the multitude which he inspired. Yes, a vast difference between, in so many ways. But in others, as your comments affirm, perhaps not so very different after all. We are all born to love. We will all come to love in the end…

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