The Story of Our Journey, Part Two

This week a friend died suddenly; all who knew him were left in shock. Kent Press was the first person to invest in Quantum God back in 2005, when I’d finished the working copy after 15 months of seven-days-a-week labor, much of which Kent witnessed. At 55, it seems way too soon for us to lose Kent, that amiable, always smiling, always cheerful man.

Kent and Julie and Four-eyed Friend
Kent and Julie and Four-eyed Friend

Part One of The Story of Our Journey asked us to focus on the happy times across our life, to help us feel better about ourselves in the present. In Part Two, I had intended to say that I was no longer going to base who I am in this moment on the crummy moments of my life story long gone by. That I’d decided to stop defining myself past labels by like “failure” or even “survivor.”

But that change in point of view is not enough. As this week has shown, the present is all we have that we can count on, and as ever-cheerful Kent Press demonstrated, a fun-loving attitude makes for a good tale. In most of the photographs at his memorial, that goofy guy had a grin on his face, a funny hat on his head, or an arm around a loved one—and there were more than a hundred people at the church, all come to honor the man who had brought good cheer into their lives.

Whether we’re feeling happy or angry, peaceful or fearful, in the likeness of Quantum God we create what we experience individually and in groups, so we want to strive for the best feeling we can manage at any given moment. (Quantum God, Chapter Two)

After the service, I brought home a bouquet of sunflowers, for it’s always seemed to me that sunflowers are happy flowers with their yellow, sunshiny faces. And since all of Kent’s fingers amounted to ten green thumbs, these flowers are fitting. They shall remind me to feel optimistic this week, and to try to make every day Funday.

Now to you, dear heart, while I still have the chance to do it, I send you…

love and good cheer,

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  1. I’m glad you went to the funeral. Yes, I agree, living in the day is vital as we may not have tomorrow down here. Love to all!

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