A Change in Pattern

If you don’t change the way you think about yourself
and the world around you, you’ll be bound to repeat
the same old patterns, and the fabric of your life
will be the same tomorrow as it is today
~ Richard Dupuis, From the Mouth of God


I learned how to knit when I was in college; I wanted something to show for all the time I spent watching television, which was a new and wonderful freedom. My first project was a floor-length dress (which my mom thereafter graciously wore as a nightgown). No one told me that I shouldn’t start with a floor-length dress instead of, say, a potholder.

At any rate, I’ve been knitting a long time and I love it, though I’ve not tried many projects since Vanguard Airlines lost my expert-level Vogue pattern Sunday sweater in 2003.


Recently I did begin knitting a sweater to give my daughter, Merrie Kate, for Christmas. With the back piece finished, I started the left front…and stopped. A change in the pattern had me stymied.

This week I picked up the pieces again, after realizing that Christmas is not that far away. With the instructions in mind, the knitting needles and two colors of yarn in hand, I started knitting, and do you know what? Zip, zip! My experienced hands knew what to do, even down to hiding the changes in color (old strand over new strand), and I wondered, Why had I let the change in pattern stop me? 

Why had I let fear paralyze me? 

Silly me! The answer was not to give up on the project, but to let go of the fear. Life has been trying to teach me this all my—well, all my life—and I think I’m finally getting a grip on letting go. (That’s a “ha ha.”)

God created you, and you have all power, but you have forgotten this…(A Course in Miracles)

Changes in patterns are okay! That’s how we grow. We grow stronger, wiser, more confident. This week, I am going to notice when I feel afraid and, because I know that we, dear heart, are all in this together, encouraging one another, I shall remember “It’s going to be all right.”

love and blessings,

The English group, Free, singing “All Right Now”:

3 thoughts on “A Change in Pattern

  1. Love Head East. That is a great song. Took me all the way back to the 70’s. I am so thankful to have been raised in that era when after the Civil Right movement when freedom was ripe. Evolution can be tough at times as we evolve toward an all controlling entity. I am and forever will be pro-choice. Some things in life are worth fighting for. Most, are not. I refuse to give up and give in when it comes to personal choice. Letting go of fear has been something I grapple with daily. Fear of not being good enough or better yet fear of being too good. I have heard GOD being euphemized as “good orderly direction.” I can only be ok with this analogy if it is for the good of everyone, all of us inclusively. The problem is who decides what is good for everybody does not have a grip on just how everybody feels so regulation will never be adequate for all. Now I am rambling and to get back on track, letting go is a here and now thing. Discerning what to let go of…. the same. Thanks for the blog Chelle.

    1. I finally found your comment, Lisa, and I really appreciate, belatedly though it is, that you took the time to speak your mind. Thank you!

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